ACES ETM Benefits

ACES ETM is an employee login portal for L brand workers. One of the main reasons for the employee portal is to stay connected and provide them with all the benefits they get. It’s easier to check and access all their information from one place. In this article, we will write about ACES ETM Benefits



L brands are one of the biggest fashion retailers in North America. They have thousands of employees in their retail stores around the world. In order to stay connected and provide all the necessary information to their employee, they have an employee portal. ACES ETM login allows employees to access their information and keep the up to date with the company.

ACES ETM Benefits

ACES ETM is one of the most secured employee portals and employees can check all kinds of information directly from this portal. An employee can check their schedules and day to day tasks for the work. It makes it easier as everything is sync and provided by the management. No communication gap and better understanding are some of the best features of Aces etm.

The employee can check their tax information and payslip directly from the portal. It becomes easier to file 401K and W-2 form with the employee portal. Employees can check their past paychecks and other information directly from their dashboard. 

One of the benefits L brands employees get is health insurance and health benefits. They also get dental and eye care benefits and all of that can be accessed directly from Aces Etm portal. They also provide great benefits for pharmacy and other medicinal options as well. 

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L brands own many fashion retail stores including bath and body work and victoria’s secrets. If any employee wants any merchandise or product from this store, they can get discounts as well. All of this information is available on ACES ETM login portal where employees can access their discount coupons and other offers. 

One of the most useful benefits of this portal is knowing the time off. Employees can check the company calendar and find out when the holidays are and when they can take time off. L brands employees also get paid time off and they can apply for it directly from the ACES ETM portal for new parents, taking time off is hard but l brand also offers paid parental leave and they can access this at the portal as well.

We hope that this article will help with ACES ETM benefits for every L brand employee. If they need more information regarding L brands and Aces Etm, just ask us in the comments.

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