Change ACES ETM Availability Option

For employees of L brand to take a leave and change the availability status, they need to change it from ACES ETM. Here is the simple process on how to change availability on ACES ETM.

ACES ETM Availability 

Every L brand employee has an availability option on their ACES ETM portal. This way other employees can reach out to them or the manager will know that they are currently working. But when they take a day off, this status needs to be changed. Here is how.

  • Visit the official ACES ETM page
  • Log in with your username and password
  • On the dashboard, find my job option
  • In My job option, you will find four option
  • Click on the ACES ETM option and a new window will open
  • On that new page, you need to login again with your credential 
  • Now on that page, find the work schedule tab
  • Once you click on that option, you will see a calendar. 
  • In that calendar, you can find all the days that you are available and when you take a leave, change the status
  • Your availability will be default which means if you don’t change, it will always show you as available
  • Find the date you are not available, select the date, and change the availability option to on the leave or out of office.

You leave will be accepted by the manager and once it gets accepted, your availability status will change on that particular day. Once the leave is over, you need to visit the ACES ETM page and login again. After the login, it will be changed to available status.


We hope that this article will help anyone who is looking for the answer to how to change the availability on ACES ETM. If you have more questions regarding L brands, ask us in the comment section.

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