How to Email People on ACES ETM?

ACES ETM has many features that can be used by the employee. Employees who are new to the ACES ETM portal might don’t know other features and are still wondering where to find it. In this article, we will write about emailing from ACES ETM.



Employees can access various information from ACES ETM portal such as payslip, schedules, and more. One of the features is emailing. Employees can email directly to the seniors and they can give feedback to the customers. 

In order to an email from ACES ETM, employees first need to visit the official portal. Once they provide their username and password, they can access every feature of the ACES ETM. After that, they can email their colleague or any other employee who has access to the ACES ETM.

Employees can also send feedback to the customer. Once customers comment or ask about anything, the employee can directly send an email to their feedback it will automatically reply to the query.  This way customers and companies can stay connected and solve any issue as well.

We hope that this article will help everyone understand about emailing from ACES ETM. If you have any other issues regarding ACES ETM, ask us in the comment section. 


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