How to Change ACES ETM Payment Method?

ACES ETM is an employee portal for L brands where they can check their work-related details. For any employee, changing their payment method is also easy with this portal as well. In this article, we will write about how to change payment methods on ACES ETM.

ACES ETM Payment Method

L brands have two kinds of payment methods for their employees. Direct Deposit and Payroll card. Employees can choose any of the methods to receive their salary. Here is how the different methods of payment can be set on ACES ETM.

Direct Deposit

Direct deposit means a salary will be deposited directly to the employee’s bank account. In order to start a Direct deposit, they need to visit the ESS website and add the method in your payroll and compensation section. Once you fill out the form and complete the process, the employer will approve your account and directly send your salary to your personal saving or checking account. 

Payroll Card

A payroll card is one of the easiest methods to receive a salary. The payroll card is like a reloadable card that is used for receiving salaries. For that, you need to select the option in your ESS and buy a payroll card. Once the payroll card is activated, provide your employee with the payroll card number and they will send it to the card. In L brand, the company will provide payroll cards to the employee, so need to provide that information. Just visit ACES ETM and select the payment method as a payroll card and you will receive a new payroll card. 

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We hope that this article will answer all your questions about changing the payment method on ACES ETM. If you have any questions regarding the L brand Employee portal, ask us in the comment section.

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