How to Get Inside ACES ETM Login Portal?

ACES ETM is an employee portal for L brand associates. They can access their information along with their schedules, pay stubs, and other benefits. In order to get all the information, employees need to login to the L brand Employee portal. In this article, we will write about how to get into ACES ETM login Portal.   

ACES ETM Login Portal

L brands have two types of Employee login portal. HR login and Employee login. All the HR departments can log in to their own portal and access every employee’s database and manage them and employees have their own information and benefits in their portal.  

Every employee of L brands has a different type of ACES ETM dashboard. It depends on their rank and work which reflects on their Dashboard information. For HR, it’s all about management and For employees, it’s about their work schedules and benefits.

In order to get into ACES ETM, employees need their credentials. For every new employee, they are given their Employee ID which is their username and their temporary password for the first time login.

Once they visit the official ACES ETM login portal, they need to provide their username and password. For first time users, they need to change their password for the first time. Both HR and Employee login portal have different links for ACES ETM. 

We hope this article will help you get into the ACES ETM login portal. If you have any more questions about L brands Login, ask us in the comment section.

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