How to Operate and Use ACES ETM?

L Brands employees can access their information directly from ACES ETM portal. The company created this portal for employees and associates to communicate and get all their benefits from one place. In this article, we will write about how to use ACES ETM portal.


Basically L brands offer many benefits and work-related information on their portal. Such as Pay Stubs, Work Schedules, Direct Deposit Information, and benefits that are received by the employees like insurance and discounts. 

ACES ETM is easy to use and user friendly in design. Employees need to log in with their username and password and once they provide correct information, they will reach the dashboard. ACES ETM dashboard is a place where employees can access all their information.

In the L brand employee login dashboard, they can find the schedules of their daily work. They can manage the time and also take a day off. Employees can check their pay stubs and financial information such as direct deposit and payroll card information. Also, they can check their taxation information such as W-2 form and 401K as well.

Every company announcement is available on the ACES ETM dashboard. Employees can send a message to their managers or each other on the dashboard. They can swap shifts or ask for the work stuff. Every new update or important changes will be published on the dashboard for everyone to see.

One of the biggest benefits of ACES ETM is, employees can access their company aid from there. From insurance to discounts and other details can be retrieved from the dashboard. From here, they can check every detail of their company information and also make changes to it such as address or account detail. To use the ACES ETM, only employees of the L brand can access the portal with their designated username and password.

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We hope that this article will help everyone to use ACES ETM. If you need more help regarding features of L brand portal, ask us in the comment section.

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