How to Read and Reply Messages on ACES ETM?

ACES ETM offers a solution and brings benefits to their employees. With many features available on the portal, it’s hard to understand and use them properly. One of them is messaging on the employee portal. for the new employees, this might comes as surprise, but they can actually stay in contact with other team members. In this article, we will talk about how to send messages. 

Messaging on ACES ETM

Employees need to login to their account using their credentials first. Once they visit the official employee portal and access their dashboard, they can send messages easily. Make sure to provide the correct username and password first in order to gain access.

On the dashboard, employees can find all types of information from schedules, to sick leave and pay stub to 401K and more. Find the message symbol on the dashboard and click on it. Once you click on the symbol, a new page will open where they can find their team member from ACES ETM.

We hope that this article will shed light on the question of how to send a message on ACES ETM. if you need more help with that ask us in the comment section.

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