Request A Day Off from ACES ETM

L brands Employee can access their information directly on ACES ETM. information such as schedules, pay stubs, and more. If any employee needs to take a day off and they don’t know how to do it, here is how they can request a day off on ACES ETM.

ACES ETM Day Off Request 

Any employee of L brands can request a day off easily on ACES ETM. That’s why they have schedules and calendars integrated in the dashboard. They can see weekly schedules and tasks and monthly holidays. It’s easy for them to just request a leave days ahead and get approved directly by the manager.

In order to request a day off from ACES ETM, employees need to login first. After that, they need to find the availability option on the dashboard. The availability option is for taking leave and also sharing your available status in the company. 

Once you reach the availability option, you will find your schedule in it. Find the date you want to take a day off and send the request from it. Once it will be approved by the manager, you will get a notification on your ACES ETM portal.

You can also take early leave, sick days, or shift swap from there. You can also request a day off months ahead and get approved even in the holiday rush. Once your request is approved, your availability option on that day will be changed to on the leave.

We hope this article will help everyone about requesting a day off from ACES ETM. If you need any more help regarding the L brand portal, ask us in the comment section.

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