What is ACES ETM from L brands?

ACES ETM is an employee portal for L brand associates. It’s one of the finest and well-known employee portals and provides many benefits to the user. L brand has hundreds of stores in many companies and in order to centralize the work process, they have created a single portal. In this article, we will write about What is ACES ETM and what its do for the employees of the L brand. 

What is ACES ETM?

Every big company needs to have a single place to communicate for their employees. In order to manage thousands of employees at once is not an easy task and for that, they create an employee portal. L brand has over 60,000 employees worldwide and for them, they have a single portal to incorporate all of the work features and benefits for their associates. 

ACES ETM is one of the most secure employee login platforms on the internet. Only the authorized user can access the portal and in this case every L brand employee. The company provides username passwords to their employee for the portal and only with those credentials they can access the L brand Employee portal.

Once employees login with their username and password, they can access their work schedule, financial information such as direct deposit and payroll card, they can print their pay stub and also avail their benefits and discounts. Employees can also take a day off from the portal and send a message as well.

 We hope that this article will explain everything about ACES ETM. If you still have any questions about the L brands Employee portal, ask us in the comment section.

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