When to Put Day Off Request on ACES ETM?

If any employee of L brands wants to take a day off, they can do that from ACES ETM. It’s simple and easy to do, and only the employee of L brand can access it and change it. In this article, we will write about when to put off a day off request in ACES ETM. 

When to Put Day Off Request on ACES ETM?

Day off and leaves are needed to be taken early and not one day earlier. To take a day off, L brands employees can use the Employee portal. In order to request a leave, they need to visit the official ACES ETM portal login with their credential. 

Once they login to the portal, they can visit the dashboard and find the availability set. In the availability, employees can check their schedules and find the holidays on the calendar. Once they find the right date for them to take a day off, click on the date, and send a request. You can write the reason and send the request directly to the manager. 

When employees send the request, the manager will assess the day off and if approved, send the confirmation to the employees. Once the day off is approved, it will be shown in the calendar which can be accessed by ACES ETM. On the day off, employees’ availability status will be changed to not available or out of office. Employees are advised to request leave a few days earlier.

We hope this article will help everyone who needs to take a day off from the ACES ETM. If you need more help regarding L brands, ask us in the comment section.

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